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Office/Financial Manager position has been filled. 

Lealman Firefighter Paramedic Scotty Friedman Retires After Almost 42 Years of Service

Left to right, Chief Graham and Scotty Friedman
Left to right, Chief Graham and Scotty Friedman (12/19/2022, 41 Years of Service Celebration)

Scotty Friedman Retires After Almost 42 Years of Service

December 25, 2022 was the last shift before retirement for Scotty Friedman after almost 42 years of service. Mr. Friedman said "he had mixed feelings and was a little sad to say good-bye but was happy to have served the Lealman and Tierra Verde communities for so long". He added that he was glad to get out with no injuries allowing him to do some traveling with his wife after retirement. His health is important to him and after such a long career, now was the time.

Fire Chief Graham, said " Scotty Friedman is an outstanding employee who has worked the bulk of his career on very busy rescue trucks and averaged 15 to 18 calls per day. Scotty never complains, works a lot of overtime, and always steps up for duty when asked." During most of his career he also worked for the ambulance company(s) on his days off.  Mr. Friedman has easily run so many calls in Pinellas County over the years, he is problaby in the running for the most calls run by any paramedic in the state of Florida. If there was a longevity award, Scotty would receive it. Chief Graham added, "Rarely do you find an employee who has the attitude, ability, and personnal strength to last just shy of 42 years." We could all learn something from Mr. Friedman and consider it a priviledge to work in the fire service. Best of luck to Scotty, may he find fulfillment in his retirement.  


Christmas Deliveries with Santa Clause

The Lealman firefighters assisted Santa Clause again this year with a lot of help from helpers from all over. Many children were able to have a blessed Christmas this year due to the financial assistance and gift donations. Fran Haasch and crew were able to deliver 100 brand new bicycles again this year for many lucky children. On behalf of the Lealman Fiire District we would like to publicly thank Fran Haasch and crew for their wonderful delivery of 100 bicycles. 






Fran Haasch and Crew Really Come Through for the Lealman Fire District

Fran Haasch Delivers 90 Bikes for Christmas
Fran Haasch delivers 90 bikes for Lealman Fire District Community, Thank you

I just wanted to let everyone know how special Fran Haasch, her family, and her whole crew truly are. We just received 90, thats right, 90 bikes for our Christmas Outreach program from Fran Haasch. She has donated bikes for the last several years and has been a wonderful supporter for children who are less fortunate. Without donations like these this program could not exist. These bikes will make some children really happy for Christmas 2021 after a really tough year from COVID. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Fran Haasch, her family and her entire crew. May God bless you and your family and thank you for this donation to the community. Go to for more information on her organization. Written by Chief Richard Graham 12/23/2021

Bikes and people
90 Bikes ready to be delivered


Lealman Christmas Deliveries 12/24/2021


Well Lealman Firefighters, staff, partners, and friends were once again able to deliver Christmas presents to many children thoughout the district and surrounding areas on Chirstmas eve. Santa was seen out deliverines presents from a fire engine as children screamed in excitement. Your donations make the difference. Many of these children would not have Christmas gifts if not for people like YOU. Thank you

People in front of a fire truck with Santa
Santa and DC MIllican delivering presents on Christmas Eve 12/24/2021
People and Santa
Santa and Lealman Crew delivering presents 12/24/2021
Santa delivering toys and gifts 12/24/2021
Santa delvering toys and gift 12/24/2021
Santa making new friends and delivering gifts
Santa making new friends and delivering gifts 12/24/2021
May contain: person, human, clothing, apparel, shorts, car, transportation, vehicle, automobile, and pants
May contain: clothing, apparel, person, human, tarmac, asphalt, robe, fashion, road, gown, and pedestrian
TASKO delivering gifts to children 12/24/2021



Lealman Meeting Schedule for 2022

All Meetings begin at 1 pm unless otherwies noted. The meetings are held at:

Lealman Fire District Station 18

4360 55th Avenue North,

St. Petersburg, FL  33714

2022 Meeting Schedule

January 3, 2022

February 7, 2022

March 7, 2022

April 4, 2022

June 6, 2022

July 5, 2022

August 1, 2022

September 6. 2022

October 3, 2022

November 7, 2022

December 5, 2022



Be Safe on Thanksgiving

According to the U.S. Fire Administration , "from 2017 to 2019 an estimated average of 2.300 residential fires were reported on Thanksgiving Day. These fire casued an average of 5 deaths, 23 injuries and $26 million in property loss"( One can imagine the injuries significantly higher but unreported. Please be safe and have a great time with family and friends. If you are going to fry a turkey, make sure it is completely defrosted prior to cooking. If you do not, a really big fire could occur with great risk of injuries. Search "fried turkey fires" on for some examples of how not to cook turkeys. 



Commission Seat Open and Lealman is Accepting Applications

The Lealman Fire District is accepting applications to fill a vacancy on the Fire Commission. Eligible candidates must live in the Lealman Fire District and meet several other qualifications. Interested candidates should submit an application, and full résumé, submit authorization for a criminal background check, and should review all qualifications for compliance.

Eligibility: Must live in the Fire District, no candidate for Commissioner nor any member of their family may be an employee of or do business with the Lealman Special Fire Control District. Additionally, no candidate for Commissioner may be a member of the bargaining unit who has an agreement with the Lealman Special Fire Control District or be an active member of any Fire/EMS department or district within the State of Florida. No convicted felon may be a candidate for Commissioner. No Fire Commissioner may be an officer or voting member of any voluntary community association within the Lealman Special Fire District at any time the Commissioner assumes duties as a Lealman Fire District Commissioner.

Applications can be picked up at Station 18, 4360 55th Ave N., St. Petersburg, FL   33714.  

Application packets will be accepted through 2:00 pm on November 15, 2021 and the Lealman Fire Commission will review the packets at a public meeting on December 6, 2021 at 1:00 pm at our regularly scheduled meeting. Application packets will only be accepted at Station 18, 4360 55th Ave N. St. Petersburg, FL 33714 Monday thru Friday 8:00am – 3:00 pm.


Lealman fire Crerw Helpos out at the PAL Trick-or-Treat Event Friday Night October 29, 2021

People in front of a fire truck
Fire Crew getting ready for the PAL Trick-or-Treat Event October 29, 2021

Neil Brickfield (PAL director), Chief Graham, Linda, Tammy, FF Skirk, FF Becht and Lt. Cobos all prepare for the candy handout and hundreds of kids at the PAL event. The weather was great and the night went quickly as the kids all received about 10 lbs of candy each. Thanks to all the communiity who came out for kids. 


Ground Breaking For New Fire Staiton

Men and Women hold shovels
Commissioners and Fire Chief take picture for ground breaking September 16, 2021
Men and Women pose for a picture, some with shovels 09/16/2021
Commisisoners, Fire Chief and E19 Crew take pictures for New Fire Station 09/16/2021

Lealman Fire Commissioners and the Lealman Fire Chief take pictures for the ceremonial picture taking event on September 16, 2021. The pictures were delayed due to COVID and work is already underway. The construction began in June 2021 and is well underway. New station 19 will have three drive through bays, a small multipurpose room, and living quarters for the Station 19 crew. The old station 19 was built in the 1950's and an addition was added in 1988. Lealman Commisisoners in attendance are Jay Alexander, James Banning,  Vivian Campbell, Rebecca Harriman, and Kathleen Litton. A special shout out to Denise Martin with Fireground 24 Photography for taking the pictures.

News --- Lealman Firefighters help out at the PAL back to school event

Firefighters talking with kids in front of a fire truck 08/07/2021
Lealman Firefighters talks with children about fire safety 08/07/2021
Firefighter and family posing for a picture 08/07/2021
Great day for children, everyone liked the hotdogs  08/07/2021
Firefighter spraying water on children
Always fun, kids cooling off from a fire hose 08/07/2021

Hurricane just misses Pinellas County

Wind Flow Picture of Hurricane Elsa
Wind flow Map of Hurricane Elsa off the Pinelas County Coast

The first real Hurricane threat narrowly missed Pinellas County over July 6th and 7th, 2021. All of the members of the Lealman Fire District were prepared for the potential of a hurricane Elsa hitting the Tampa bay area. Firefighter/Paramedic crews manned the hurricane shelter for "Special Needs" residents of the county as the storm approached our coast. For us, there is not a lot of difference between a Strom tropical storm and a low level hurricane. We prepare the same way and operate on the same SOPs. our area was blessed to have the storm slightly further off our coast and the Bay area missed the strongest winds. Only minor damage was reported in the Lealman Fire District area. Please be safe and prepare now for the next storm.  

Lealman Fire District Welcomes New Commissioner

James Banning has been selected to fill the vacancy on the Lealman Fire Commission. He will have to run to complete the remainder of the term in 2022. The seat he took over for is up in 2024, however Florida State law requires him to run for election in 2022 to finish the 2 years left on the seat. We wish him the best and are glad to have him serving the Lealman Community.  

Hurricane season is Here --- Prepare Now

Mobile homes damaged by severe weather

Hurricane Season for 2021 is here and you should prepare now. You can pick up a Hurricane Guide from any of the Lealman Fire Stations. Please make your preparations and do not wait to stock up on water, food, and any medical needs. Being prepared is piece of mind should a storm head our way. Irma has taught us that the path of a hurricane is very unpredictable and if you do not evacvuate early, you may not be able to evacuate at all. Be safe, be prepared, and be smart. 

Question and Answer --- Should we be prepared for a hurricane? What does that mean?

I hear this a lot from our residents and citizens. Hurricane Irma, Katrina, Charley, and Michael have all taught us that the path and severity of a hurricane is very hard to predict. It seems sometimes that the storms do exactly what is predicted so the path and severity are known. However, other times, like Irma Charley, and Katriina the path or severity varies from the predictions and can change at the last minute. This does not leave enough time for people to go out and purchase water, food, and medical supplies. When everyone goes out at the last minute, the supply chain is stripped and there are not enough supplies to go around. It may take FEMA and the state of Florida 2 to 3 days to start getting water into the areas that are hit by the storm. The worse the storm, the longer it can take to get supplies into areas that are hardest hit by the storms. Experts tell us to be prepared for up to 72 hours. However, I tell people to be prepared for 96 hours. That is your best protection for a severe impact from a major hurricane. Planning is your best defense and self reliance for the first 96 hours will allow emergency relief workers time to get set up and the distribution chain working. 


We are sad to report the passing of Chairman Ron Kemerer

Picture of Ron Kemerer
Sad to report Chairman Ron Kemerer has passed away.

February 14, 2021 --  I am sad to report the passing of the Chairman of the Lealman Special Fire Control District as reported on February 14, 2021. Please keep his family in your prayers during this time. Ron worked at Lealman from 1987 starting as a fire inspector, fire investigator, then fire marshal. After retiring, Mr. Kemerer was elected to the commission. He served as the Lealman Commission Chairman for the last few years. Ron was actively involved in the fire service and his community. He called the firefighters his children and was looking forward to the construction of a new fire station to replace Station 19 on 46th Avenue North and 68th St North. Ron Kemerer will be missed by his family and all of us who worked with him. --- Written by Fire Chief Rick Graham.


Christmas 2021

Little boy holding a stuffed animal next to a bike 12/24/2020
A little boy holds his stuffed animal from Santa, 12/24/2020
Two little girls and their grandmother receiving their delivery from Santa
Two little girls receive their Christmas delivery from Santa 12/24/2020
Man holding presents and a new bike
Captain Gregory hands out presents and a new bike from Santa 12/24/2020
Trucks, firefighter, woman, and two little boys
Firefighter paramedic McDonald makes sure every child receives a gift, 12/24/2020
Santa waving from fire engine 18
Santa says Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year: 12/24/2020
Contains people, Fire truck
Lealman Firefighters deliver gifts safely during the Pandemic: 12/24/2020
People, fire staff, and Christmas presents
Some Happy Children after Santa makes a house call: 12/24/2020

Lealman Firefighters and staff delivered gifts, bikes, helmets, and good cheer during the 2020 COVID pandemic. All personnel used masks and made the event safe. Santa had to stay on the fire engine this year, but the children were still excited to see him as presents and bikes were delivered to their doors. This year was tougher than prior years mostly because of the requirements to stay safe. The kids didnt seem to notice and everyone enjoyed the Christmas Outreach. We are praying 2021 will be much better and maybe even back to normal. 

**** Without the continued support and donations of our community and partners, we would not be able to provide a full Christmas to over a hundred children. We also provide presents to some of the low income areas of the district and literally thousands of children receive a gift during this outreach. Thank you to our partners for your support. 

TASCO Truck out for deliveries 12/24/2020
Fire Truck, people and Santa
TASCO Crew Thanks Guys 12/24/2020

The Tasco crews have been partners for our Christmas deliveries for many years. They are a huge help and people have come to rely on them as a major fixture in their Christmas. They work all day Christmas Eve and usually rap up about 7 to 10 pm. Hard workers all of them and have plenty of energy to go around. Thank you guys.

Multiple people posing for a Christmas picture, 12/24/2019
Fran Haasch and crew delivering presents with the Lealman Fire District 12/24/2019

A special "Thanks" to Fran Haasch and her crew as a major partner with the Lealman Fire District and for her special Christmas support of those folks who are not so fortunate. Tough times can hit anyone on any particular year and Fran Haasch has be an major supporter for several years. Donating many bikes, presents, and money to those people who are in need at Christmas time.  May God bless you, your family, and your crew. Go to for more information on Fran Haasch's website. 

Fit Testing Local Business Employees in Lealman

Picture of 3 people, one person being "Fit" tested for PPE
Captain Smay and DC Robertson FIT test an employee of a business in Lealman

Fire Captain Smay and District Chief Robertson "Fit" test an employee of a local business in Lealman. The Lealman Fire District is going to Assited Living Facilities (ALF) and Nursing Homes to assist the employees with their "Fit" testing. This process helps to make sure their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) fits properly making the work place safer for employees and residents. "We are just trying to do our part and make sure our community is safe for residents and employees alike", said Fire Chief Richard Graham. He also added, "When our community is safe, we all are safer and the Lealman Fire District is working hard to do our part". Preventing COVID Clusters is so important to protect the lives of our most at risk residents. PPE makes a difference and so does proper hand washing. Lealman is trying to educate and remind people how important these measures are for everyone's safety. 


COVID-19 Operations Continue May 6, 2020 Updated

Please forgive us if we do not shake your hand… it is not safe right now. 😊

I wanted to reach out and let the communities of the Lealman Fire District and Tierra Verde Fire District know some of the things that are happening during this unprecedented time. First of all I must let you know how proud I am of all of my firefighters and staff. All have responded to the challenges we have faced over the last few weeks and continue without complaints. All have performed their jobs without refusal to complete any task or mission we have asked of them. Many of the recent medical calls have been on suspected COVID-19 positive patients and all of the crews have responded with unknown risks to themselves and their families. Everyone with Flu symptoms are treated as if they are COVID-19 positive because of the risks to all first responders. Many of the firefighters have very young children and parents or elderly grandparents that could be at risk should they become infected. No one has refused any mission or call for emergency care even when it was unclear if we had the proper protective equipment. The mental pressure or stress has been great not just for the first responders, but for most of the community and our precious residents. I understand that this is a global effort, however my part is to help protect this community.

We will look a little different as we respond to some of the medical calls as we have moved to what looks like a gas mask (P-100) on medical calls for most of our crew members. This is to save as much of our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as possible. Hospitals, ALFs, and nursing homes need as much as they can get. Not that we do not need these critical items, we just understand that many workers need more PPE. Do not worry, we know it takes a little time, and more is on the way. Americans are a very resourceful people and we are pulling out all of the stops to obtain these items and increase our inventory of various kinds of PPE.

I also wanted to thank the unknown Tierra Verde resident who stopped by the station and donated $700.00 worth of various island business gift cards for food. He wanted the firefighters to support the Tierra Verde businesses and order food from the island. They gladly accepted and have been using the gift cards for many of their meals. Firefighters love food and hot meals are great. Thanks again to the anonymous resident.

More information to come and I just want everyone to keep up the social distancing, washing their hands, and staying home if they are sick. I think our world will be a little different for a while until we have this disease under control.

Be safe and don’t get infected.


May God bless each and every one of you,


Richard Graham

Fire Chief


New Fire Engine is in Service May 1, 2020

Picture of a fire truck
New Engine 18 is now on the road

Lealman introduces its newest Fire Engine. E18 is now inservice and responding to calls. 


Modified Office Operations -- March 26, 2020

The offices at the Lealman Fire District are operating under modified procedures during this declared National Emergency and threat from the COVID-19 virus. Please do not come to the station for normal business items as our staff are beginning to rotate and work from home. Please call ahead if you need something from the District. Due to the CDC guidelines, access to our station are severely restricted and are limited to essential visitors and employees only. No patients will be allowed inside the stations and any treatment will be provided outside the building. Essential visitors are outside workers required to maintain operations, lettercarriers, delivery drivers and most will be restricted to the front office area only. Deliveries will still be accepted as listed under the CDC guidelines. 

Please be understanding during this time as we are trying to protect our workforce and the general public by not spreading the COVID-19 virus. All personnel and any authorized visitor will be screened prior to entering any of our fire stations for everyone's safety.