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FS 189.069


  • Full Legal Name: Lealman Special Fire Control District
  • Map of Fire District Boundaries: View here
  • Charter: View here
  • Services provided include, but are not limited to, fire suppression, emergency medical services, fire prevention, fire code inspection, fire investigation, and community education and outreach. The Lealman Special Fire Control District operates under Florida Statutes 189 and 191.
  • Date Established: June 5th 2000Established by the Florida Legislature and signed into law by the Governor. 


  • Mailing Address: Lealman Fire District, 4360 55th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33714
  • Email Address:
  • Business Telephone Number: (727) 526-5650
  • Website Address:
  • Registered Agent: Richard E. Graham, Fire Chief
  • Each Governing Body Member: Please see our Board Members


The Lealman Fire District receives revenue from ad valorem taxes and Inter-Local Agreements with Pinellas County to provide Fire Protection Services to the Tierra Verde Special Dependent Fire Control District and Emergency Medical Services for the Lealman and Tierra Verde Fire Districts. The current millage rate for Fiscal Year 2021/2022 is 5.7500. Statutory authority for the levy of the tax is provided by Florida Statute 2000-426.


The Fiscal Year for the Lealman Fire District runs from October 1st through September 30th. Each year at least two days before the Budget Hearing the Tentative Budget is listed on the website. 

For Fire Budgets from present back to 2017/2018 click link labeled Budgets below.

  • Budgets : Current and some past Fiscal Year Adopted Budgets 
  • Current Fiscal Year Adopted Budget Amendments, if applicable. N/A
  • The Lealman Fire District files its Annual Financial Report each year to the Florida Department of Financial Services as required by F.S. Section 218.32(1)(g). The Department of Financial Services website is:
  • Financial Audits can be found here


Local Code of Ethics: Lealman operates under the Florida state code of ethics. Applicable Florida Ethics Provisions:The Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees, adopted by the Legislature as Part III of Chapter 112, Florida Statutes, contains standards of ethics conduct and disclosures applicable to public officers, employees, candidates, lobbyists, and others in Florida State and local government, with the exception of Judges.


The Lealman Fire District participates in the Florida Retirement System. More information on FRS can be found at