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Lealman Firefighters Rescue Man and Woman from Sinking Car 12/17/19

Picture on a car in the water with Alligator on sign.
Danger -- Beware of the Alligators, car roof can be seen in the water 

Lealman firefighters saved a man and a woman on the evening of December 17, 2019 from a large retention pond located off Park Street just north of 54th Avenue. Everything worked out perfectly as the firefighters arrived just in time to save the couple. An absolute blessing to all involved. 

Torrential rain moved through the area filling the retention pond, a couple accidently drove their car into the water. After arriving on scene, three Lealman firefighters immediately jumped into the water known to have alligators, snakes, and snapping turtles. The remainder of the crew prepared ropes and and rigging to help with the rescue. Captain Smay reported that "they could just barely see the couple through the back windows of the car as it was slowly sinking and quickly went totally under with just the roof showing." After the crew broke the window the man was quickly rescued and pulled to shore by Firefighter Paramedics Bennett and McCullum. Meanwhile, Captain Smay went under once but could not find the woman. He resurfaced, took a deep breath, and went underwater into the car and found the woman. He pulled her out and to the surface as Firefighter McCullum swam back to the car to assist with the second victim. Both people were rescued safely and without major injuries. Captain Allen Smay and Firefighter Parmedic Jordan McCullum both received minor injuries during the rescue.

Fire Chief Richard E. Graham congratulated the entire crew with special recognition to Captain Allen Smay, Firefighter Paramedic Jordan McCullum, and Firefighter Tim Bennett. Great job to the whole team.