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Fit Testing Local Business Employees in Lealman

Picture of 3 people, one person being "Fit" tested for PPE
Captain Smay and DC Robertson FIT test an employee of a business in Lealman

Fire Captain Smay and District Chief Robertson "Fit" test an employee of a local business in Lealman. The Lealman Fire District is going to Assited Living Facilities (ALF) and Nursing Homes to assist the employees with their "Fit" testing. This process helps to make sure their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) fits properly making the work place safer for employees and residents. "We are just trying to do our part and make sure our community is safe for residents and employees alike", said Fire Chief Richard Graham. He also added, "When our community is safe, we all are safer and the Lealman Fire District is working hard to do our part". Preventing COVID Clusters is so important to protect the lives of our most at risk residents. PPE makes a difference and so does proper hand washing. Lealman is trying to educate and remind people how important these measures are for everyone's safety. 


COVID-19 Operations Continue May 6, 2020 Updated

Please forgive us if we do not shake your hand… it is not safe right now. 😊

I wanted to reach out and let the communities of the Lealman Fire District and Tierra Verde Fire District know some of the things that are happening during this unprecedented time. First of all I must let you know how proud I am of all of my firefighters and staff. All have responded to the challenges we have faced over the last few weeks and continue without complaints. All have performed their jobs without refusal to complete any task or mission we have asked of them. Many of the recent medical calls have been on suspected COVID-19 positive patients and all of the crews have responded with unknown risks to themselves and their families. Everyone with Flu symptoms are treated as if they are COVID-19 positive because of the risks to all first responders. Many of the firefighters have very young children and parents or elderly grandparents that could be at risk should they become infected. No one has refused any mission or call for emergency care even when it was unclear if we had the proper protective equipment. The mental pressure or stress has been great not just for the first responders, but for most of the community and our precious residents. I understand that this is a global effort, however my part is to help protect this community.

We will look a little different as we respond to some of the medical calls as we have moved to what looks like a gas mask (P-100) on medical calls for most of our crew members. This is to save as much of our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as possible. Hospitals, ALFs, and nursing homes need as much as they can get. Not that we do not need these critical items, we just understand that many workers need more PPE. Do not worry, we know it takes a little time, and more is on the way. Americans are a very resourceful people and we are pulling out all of the stops to obtain these items and increase our inventory of various kinds of PPE.

I also wanted to thank the unknown Tierra Verde resident who stopped by the station and donated $700.00 worth of various island business gift cards for food. He wanted the firefighters to support the Tierra Verde businesses and order food from the island. They gladly accepted and have been using the gift cards for many of their meals. Firefighters love food and hot meals are great. Thanks again to the anonymous resident.

More information to come and I just want everyone to keep up the social distancing, washing their hands, and staying home if they are sick. I think our world will be a little different for a while until we have this disease under control.

Be safe and don’t get infected.


May God bless each and every one of you,


Richard Graham

Fire Chief


New Fire Engine is in Service May 1, 2020

Picture of a fire truck
New Engine 18 is now on the road

Lealman introduces its newest Fire Engine. E18 is now inservice and responding to calls. 


Modified Office Operations -- March 26, 2020

The offices at the Lealman Fire District are operating under modified procedures during this declared National Emergency and threat from the COVID-19 virus. Please do not come to the station for normal business items as our staff are beginning to rotate and work from home. Please call ahead if you need something from the District. Due to the CDC guidelines, access to our station are severely restricted and are limited to essential visitors and employees only. No patients will be allowed inside the stations and any treatment will be provided outside the building. Essential visitors are outside workers required to maintain operations, lettercarriers, delivery drivers and most will be restricted to the front office area only. Deliveries will still be accepted as listed under the CDC guidelines. 

Please be understanding during this time as we are trying to protect our workforce and the general public by not spreading the COVID-19 virus. All personnel and any authorized visitor will be screened prior to entering any of our fire stations for everyone's safety.