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Modified Office Operations -- March 26, 2020

The offices at the Lealman Fire District are operating under modified procedures during this declared National Emergency and threat from the COVID-19 virus. Please do not come to the station for normal business items as our staff are beginning to rotate and work from home. Please call ahead if you need something from the District. Due to the CDC guidelines, access to our station are severely restricted and are limited to essential visitors and employees only. No patients will be allowed inside the stations and any treatment will be provided outside the building. Essential visitors are outside workers required to maintain operations, lettercarriers, delivery drivers and most will be restricted to the front office area only. Deliveries will still be accepted as listed under the CDC guidelines. 

Please be understanding during this time as we are trying to protect our workforce and the general public by not spreading the COVID-19 virus. All personnel and any authorized visitor will be screened prior to entering any of our fire stations for everyone's safety.